Haines City Quarters Owners

Meet our awesome leadership who is here to make your expirence at HCQ unforgettable!

The Trinity Team

Anthony C. Grant Sr., MEd, M.A. CTE


Doctoral Candidate - University of Phoenix
CEO - Grant Enterprise USA Inc. | Extravagant Exposure LLC  | GCTE Center Inc. 501(c)3
USMC - Disabled Veteran
ΩΨΦ - ΥΞ Chapter - Vice Basileu

Guillermo Marin


Owner - We Buy U Cell
Marin Group and Associates Inc.

HCQ Operational Directors

Grant Enterprises USA Inc.

Power Team

Larry T. Grant Jr.

Contracts / Security

T. Cheuhai Grant

Human Resources / Training / Payroll

HCQ Team Members

Meet the team members who are providing you with prestige services!

The Quarters Team

Wendy Battle

Catering Chef

Miguel & Reggie

Promotional Items Company

Bernard Stephens

Event Manager